Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Different Summer

The other night I was thinking about this coming summer and how it is going to be different from all the other summers I have spent here in Kansas.

Since moving to Kansas I have had the summers off. The first year I did not work, then I stated working in a school. Even when I worked summer school it was only half a day and only for 3 weeks. So my summers have been free.

This one will be, too, as I am not working, BUT there will be one major change... a baby!!

So, there will be certain things I will not be able to do as I did before.

The big one is swimming. This depressed me. I love to go to the pool in the summer. However, I thought about it some more and realized my husband does have Wednesdays off so I could go on that day for a little while. At about 2 months I can take my son for some water time. I would like t do this and get him used to the water early and get him swim lessons as soon as possible. My parents took me to the apartment pool as a baby and I always loved pools, but I did not have lessons until I was 10 and I was scared of going underwater and the deep end. I do not want my son to be scared.

We usually take some sort of vacation. I get tired just thinking of attempting this with a baby!! Even a short one. So, no vacation.

We like to go to the local summer league baseball games. Maybe we can catch one.

Sundown Salute at 4th of July. Wouldn't you know that they have an awesome lineup of bands this year??? But that is too loud to take a baby to!! We will probably take him during the day to just walk around, though. And I plan to do the 1 mile fun run (mostly walking, though). I would also really like to have a party again this year, but not sure I will feel up to getting the house in order.

Sleeping in. Yeah, not gonna be doing that for a looooong time!!

Instead, this summer is going to be filled with diapers and feedings and baby snuggles and getting to know my son and establishing a new routine. It will be a whole new adventure and I am looking forward to it!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

35 Weeks

Boy, this past week has brought some really fun stuff with it lol

1. Tension Headache. Actually I talked about that last week

2. Heartburn. I have only had heartburn once before in my life. But it is common in pregnancy, apparently. I was lucky to escape it up until now. I combatted it with milk, Fro-Yo, and Tums. And a Zofran.

3. Leg Cramp. I have had these before, but not in pregnancy and it was the worst one ever. I was literally screaming. Luckily my husband knew what to do. My instinct was to keep stretching it out. WRONG. You have to bend your leg and my husband also massaged it. It took a few tries because it kept tensing up. The next couple days my calf was sore.

4. Lower abdominal cramps. Not cramps like menstrual cramps, but like strained muscles. And they are not contractions. I think it is just the weight of the baby and stretching. Peanut is really good about kicking and punching the worst one on my lower left side lol. I think that is why it hurts most...because it is the one he mostly puts pressure on anyway. I guess instead of cramps I should call them aches lol. I especially feel them when getting up from sitting.

5. Arm ache from shot. Remember that whooping cough vaccine I got last week? Well, it had a nasty side effect of an achy arm. No swelling or redness or anything, it was just sore for a few days when I moved it. Like a booster shot.

6. Extreme tiredness. Even with a 4 day weekend I was sleeping A LOT. If I do not go to half days, I really do not see how I am going to make it through May lol. My goal is to make it through the first week while we still have testing. I do not know how I have been doing it up until now!! The aches may do me in first lol.

I am pretty much exclusively in maternity shirts now, too. My belly keeps doubling lol. Pretty soon I will only being wearing dresses to work! Or anywhere for that matter! And my shorts because they have a big stretchy belly band in it. Oh, I forgot about those 9 month pants I have!!

Still no contractions. The doctor said she expects they will be starting (Braxton Hicks), but I've got nothing lol. Of course, my body is not normal. I will probably not get any.

I received some great handmade baby stuff this week from a girl at church. 2 hats, a blanket and lap pads. And someone else gave me clothes :) I finally broke down and washed all the new stuff plus the new newborn and 0-3 months clothes. After next weekend I am going to start purchasing what is left on my registries that I must have. I'd also like to start cleaning up the 2nd hand items (swings and such) I received and finish getting the nursery in order. The other day I ordered a toy bin/organizer on line, but it is not going to hold toys just yet!! I have another plan for it and will show you once it gets set up!!

5 weeks to go!!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Mancat Monday With Stretchy Cat

Happy Easter everyone!! I know I am a day late. Anyway, today I thought I would show you one of my awesome super powers. I can streeeeeetch very far!!!!

I also am a master of disguise!! Can you see me?

Here I am!!!

Even Mommy had trouble finding me that time!!

All that hiding and stretching makes a guy tired. Glad I have a nest of daisies to rest in.

Have a great week!!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

My Love Affair With Rocky Part 2

First part HERE.

After I first saw the Rocky movies I remember reading somewhere that Sylvester Stallone wanted to turn Rocky into a musical and have Elton John write the lyrics. My first thought was "a musical???? Is he nuts????" A stage play, maybe, but not a musical. How would that work?

I did not hear anymore about that and figured he abandoned that idea. In the meantime he wrote a new movie about Rocky -- Rocky Balboa. That was awesome.

So, several months ago I was very surprised to find out that not only had Stallone not given up his idea of making Rocky a musical, but that it would be debuting on Broadway!!!!! Whaaaattt???? Again it sounded crazy.

I thought to myself, however, that if they could do it right it could really be something. I had no idea what right even was for this (I am not a musical theatre expert). So with some trepidation I hoped for the best for the production.

Well, they certainly did get it RIGHT. And I realized I knew all along what it would have to be to make it right. It was the love story, of course. That had to be central.

Throw in some awesome lyricists, a writer who was able to adapt it and phenomenal actors and the show is a hit. The reviews are awesome. I follow their Facebook page and see pictures of it. I have seen some stuff on TV showing scenes. I have seen "Rocky" and "Adrian" interviewed and they both absolutely love their parts. This is Andy Karl's first starring role on Broadway and Margot Siebert's first ever Broadway play. Her voice is incredible. Andy is incredible.

The production is incredible (what little I have seen). They actually bring the boxing ring out to the audience and invite people to sit up on the stage so it is surrounded. It is a 20 minute choreographed fight scene and people are saying they have never seen anything like it in the theatre before.

A few days ago they released a preview of 5 songs on the soundtrack, which releases on May 27 (my due date!!). I preordered my copy and have been listening to those songs over and over. I have listened to them writing this post :)

Love is definitely central to this musical as evidenced by the songs. It's also obvious by the tagline "Love Wins" and the picture is of Rocky and Adrian.

The songs I have listened to are...

Raining, sung by Adrian. It gives her point of view of herself and insecurities and the hope of love with Rocky. Or at that point that he just keeps noticing her, even though she is afraid.

Fight From the Heart, sung by Rocky. One of the lines says "fight without thinking and fight without shame, fight for your girl and live up to your name"

One of Us, sung by Rocky, Apollo and company. It is about him getting a once in a lifetime chance and what it represents for others. And the character of Apollo sounds very true to the movie original. At the end Rocky says his iconic "Yo, Adrian"

Happiness, sung by Rocky and Adrian, after they have started dating. Very sweet love song.

Keep on Standing, sung by Rocky, This one is about not giving up and going the distance in his fight, but one of the lines says " I will think of you and try to keep on standing" I am assuming he is talking about Adrian.

I would really really love to go to New York and see this, but that is just not possible at this time so I will be satisfied with getting the soundtrack. Listening to those 5 songs, though, has rekindled all the love I have for the story of Rocky.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

My Love Affair With Rocky Part 1

When I was in college, one afternoon after classes I watched Oprah and she surprised her audience with a trip to Philadelphia. On the bus someone asked if they were going to run up the Rocky steps (art museum) and so they did. I had never seen the movie, but was familiar with that scene and I thought that was the coolest thing ever. Not long after that my roommate (BFF Bonnie) and I were in our dorm room on a Saturday and we turned on the TV to find a Sylvester Stallone movie on. I thought at first it was Rocky, but it turned out to be about arm wrestling lol. However, Rocky came on after so we decided to watch it. I wanted to see him run up the art museum steps.

I ended up falling in love with the movie. It became mine and Bonnie's favorite. After it Rocky 3 came on then Rocky 5 (which is not that great). We were hooked. Two days later we rented Rocky 2 and 2 days after that we went to rent 4 and I ended up buying the VHS set.

What I absolutely love about Rocky is the romance. I know it is supposed to be a sports movie, but Sylvester Stallone saw it as more than that and added the love story of Rocky and Adrian. That is what hooked me. I think it was one of the most romantic movies ever made. And they are such imperfect people. Yet they see something in each other. Now Rocky is quite handsome , but at first Adrian, while not ugly, is very homely. Plus she is painfully shy and most guys would not even give her a second look, but Rocky is persistent because he sees something in her. And that is what makes it so wonderful. Because she is really beautiful, inside and out and she comes to see that in herself. My heart feels like it is going to burst every time I watch the scene where Rocky takes off her glasses and then kisses her.

Another aspect of the movies I love is that Rocky really and truly cannot fight his best without Adrian's blessing, although this is not as obvious in the first movie. In the subsequent ones, though, he only halfheartedly trains and believes in himself until she either gives her blessing or a pep talk. In the first movie, however, you will notice that things do not really happen for rocky until after his romance with Adrian begins. I believe this was absolutely intentional on Stallone's part to show how powerful love is and can help you believe in yourself. Adrian also blossoms and is finally able to stand up to her brother, Pauly.

One more awesome thing about the romance is that after the epic fight the only thing Rocky can think about is seeing Adrian. She did not sit in the audience because she could not handle it, but she waited backstage. As the reporters are trying to interview Rocky all he can do is yell for Adrian. And she comes. And tells him she loves him. And then you know he has truly won.

I thought that my love affair with Rocky was limited to just the movie(s), but now I have fallen in love all over again and I will write about that in another post.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Currently 4-18-14

Watching: Forrest Gump. Several times, thanks AMC!!

Reading: my pregnancy books and US magazine

Listening: the 5 preview songs released for the Rocky Musical Soundtrack. I LOVE them. I preordered the CD as well. It releases on my due date.

Creating: maybe some painted pottery.

Feeling: not too great. I have heartburn :(

Planning: to run errands and do chores this weekend

Loving: that I have a 4 day weekend.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

8 1/2 Month Egg Belly

Yes, my belly looks like an egg lol. That is just the top part. He is in the whole thing, not just the egg looking part.

I am getting ready to have some professional maternity photos taken, as well.