Thursday, October 30, 2014

More Peanut Pictures

We tried giving Peanut some rice cereal a couple weeks back and he was not interested. Either he was not ready or just not hungry

He really likes his jumparoo, though, even though he can't do much jumping without help, yet. He likes the toys better anyway and the music, especially when Mommy dances (but only to her jam!!)

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween Party #1

The weekend before last we went to a kid friendly Halloween party. It was really awesome with good food, a bonfire, games and a Haunted Forest!!!!!

Since Peanut's custom made costume was not ready yet (I told the designer, aka my friend, Heather, I didn't need it until the 31st) I needed something else for him. Thanks to a onesie his aunt and uncle had sent and some awesome thrift store finds we went as a family of pumpkins!

I also call Peanut my little Pumpkin

The next party will be Trunk or Treat on Friday

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Week in The Life 2014 Day 1 - Monday

I am participating again this year in Ali Edwards' A Week In The Life project. Last year it was in September and the day after it ended I found out I was pregnant. This year it covers Halloween and I better not be pregnant!!

Here is Monday in pictures....

I am going light on the pictures this time around. The first 2 were taken in the morning after I got Peanut dressed and was working on eating and getting ready myself lol. Then it was off to the babysitter. I was really tired because I only had a couple hours of sleep and when I came home from work I read to help get myself relaxed and then I slept for a few hours. I also had a headache.

It was a day of ups and downs, but luckily the ups were more than the downs! I didn't document the downs because they were really very minor and not worth it. I didn't document the ups because I will remember them anyway :)

Moon Lake Late Afternoon

Last week the weather was incredible and I decided that we should get some dinner and have it up at Moon Lake on post. I took these really nice landscape shots

Then TJ took some

And magic happened

He always gets the best shots.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Mancat Monday with the Mad Mouser

I got into some trouble last week. The week before that I found these awesome mice in the garage to play with. I brought one in the house for Mommy to see. She was a little upset I brought it in, but told me good job for catching it. Then she shoveled it outside!!! I was mad because I was playing with it. She said it was almost dead anyway, but its legs were still moving. Another day she saw me playing with one in the garage and told me I was supposed to kill it, but then it wouldn't be able to play with me and where is the fun in that!! Mommy ended up killing it another day and then Daddy caught one in a trap.

On Friday, however, I caught the big one, probably the mommy. And I brought it in to show mommy. Well she screamed at me and I dropped it and I thought I could catch it again but it got away!!!!!!! Mommy was very unhappy with me and as punishment she took me to the vet!! She claimed it was because she thought I had mange, but i think she was just mad at me. And I DO NOT have mange, just feline acne. She had to put some yucky stuff on me.

Yesterday Mommy found the mouse in my brother's room!. She hollered for Daddy then they closed the door. I came out from my nap to see what the commotion was and she made me join them. She called it Total Mouse Death Match. I wanted to leave. Daddy tried trapping the mouse in a box but it kept slipping by. Finally he sort of cornered it and I saw it so I went after it and caught it!!!!! Then daddy shoved us both in the box and put us outside. I let the mouse go and came back in and got treats. Mommy would have preferred we killed it, but is glad it is out of the house.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Spiritual Sunday -- My New Calling

I was called today to be the Activity Days Leader at church. Twice a month the 8-12 year old girls get together with a leader to do an activity (like a craft) with a gospel centered mood or theme. I am not too sure on the specifics yet, but that is how it was explained to me.

In our church we do not sign up for positions we are called by divine revelations. So they are called "callings". How it works are names are submitted to the leaders of the ward (or Stake if it is on that level) and they fast and pray on it. So, in this case, someone in the Primary Program(the program for 3-12 year olds which also includes Sunday School and Scouts) submitted my name and the bishop and his counselors fasted and prayed on it and received revelation that I should have this calling.

Now, you can turn down a calling and I am sure people have, but I have not because I believe that God would have me serve in these capacities. I have another calling, which is Visiting Teaching Supervisor. What I do with that is I have a list of Sisters (we call each other brother and sister in our church because we are brothers and sisters in Christ) that report to me or I call them to see if they were able to visit or talk to their assigned sisters each month (I will write a separate post on that).

I really had no idea what this calling entailed and asked if there was a manual (there is), but I would have accepted even if there wasn't. I do have some anxiety about doing it as I have not done anything like this before, but I know the Lord will be with me and give me guidance as well as people in the Primary Program.

When you receive a calling in the church you get "set apart" which is a priesthood blessing pertaining to your new calling" Priesthood blessings (which is another thing I will write about in another post) are also inspired from God so when I was given the blessing I know the Bishop was impressed to speak on what God wanted him to and one of the things he mentioned was my anxieties and that I would overcome them and receive guidance form the Lord. This also confirmed to me that the Lord knew my heart and wanted me to have this calling and knows I can do it.

Another thing that testifies to me that this calling was truly inspirational is the timing. Prior to the last calling(or maybe the one prior) I received the Bishop asked me and my husband how we felt about receiving callings. I had been less active for awhile and did not hold one at the time. I said I was open to one, but did not think i would like working in the primary program since I worked with kids all week and it feel more like a chore and may even make me feel that way about my job as well. Luckily, I got a different calling.

So now I received a calling in the Primary program. And I was willing to accept and did not feel worry about it affecting my job. So what has changed? Well, my assignment at work this year. I work primarily with one kiddo and he is a joy to work with (most of the time lol), so working twice a month with other kiddos for an hour or so plus preparation no longer feels like it would be a burden (a calling in the Sunday School program would also feel okay at this point).

I really am grateful for this new opportunity to serve and I know that the Lord believes in me and will guide me. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Want to learn more about the LDS church? Go to

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Currently 10-24-14

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